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Press Notices
27 March 2007 - Lyons Inquiry - National Conference
21 March 2007 - Lyons Inquiry final report and recommendations
19 March 2007 - Sir Michael Lyons's final report - launch and forthcoming conference
11 December 2006 - Lyons seeks views on maximising local government's contribution to future economic prosperity
6 December 2006 - Lyons Inquiry to advise Government on the implications of Barker, Leitch and Eddington for local government
20 November 2006 - Lyons publishes findings from public deliberation events
14 November 2006 - Lyons publishes summary of stakeholder events
8 September 2006 - Lyons to challenge local government and businesses to work together effectively in promoting economic prosperity
17 August 2006 - Lyons to meet businesses to discuss local economic prosperity
21 July 2006 - Lyons Inquiry engages public
5 July 2006 - "Local government's active support is needed now" says Lyons
22 June 2006 - Voluntary and community organisations have a key role to play in place shaping (Adobe Acrobat file: 100kb)
21 June 2006 - Lyons calls for councils to promote the role of housing in effective place shaping
14 June 2006 - Council finance chiefs should be "finance directors for council and community" says Lyons
8 May 2006 - Sir Michael Lyons publishes his latest thinking on the future role and function of local government
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Lyons Inquiry:
Sir Michael Lyons promotes open debate - through new look website - on the future of local government
Lyons Inquiry Press Notice: 7 February 2006
Sir Michael Lyons has launched a new look website - - to make the work of his Inquiry into local government more transparent as well as providing a new way for people to engage in the debate.
This new interactive website provides an opportunity for everyone to make their views known to Sir Michael. The new interactive section provides opportunity for people to give their views on the questions highlighted in the Inquiry's Interim Report and Consultation Document published in December. He is also keen to receive comments on how to further improve the website in order to make it as informative and useful as possible for site users.
Much of the Inquiry's work to date, including many of the submissions sent by organisations to Sir Michael during 2004 and 2005, can be found on the website.
The Lyons Inquiry will also keep the website updated to reflect the progress of the Inquiry and the debate on local government function and funding. In addition, those who register on the site will receive regular update bulletins.
Sir Michael said:
"Growing numbers of people are turning to the web to access and get information about public services. This offers enormous potential for real engagement with service users over the design of policy and services. Our website is a small step in realising this potential, and follows other path finding work in central and local government".
Notes for Editors
  1. Sir Michael Lyons was originally commissioned in July 2004 by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chancellor to make recommendations on how to reform the local government funding system by December 2005. On 20 September 2005 the remit of the Inquiry was extended to enable Sir Michael to consider issues of function before finalising his conclusions on funding.
  2. On 15 December 2005 Sir Michael issued a consultation paper and interim report, inviting responses to the questions posed by 13 March 2006. At the same time submissions received from organisations (where the Inquiry has the permission of the author to publish) and the research commissioned by the Inquiry were also published. Further thematic papers will be published in Spring, and the Inquiry will conclude with a final report to Ministers in late 2006.
  3. Copies of the report, submissions, research commissioned, and the terms of reference for the Inquiry, can be found on the Lyons Inquiry website at
  4. Any press enquiries should be directed to GNN on 0207 217 3779.
Contact details
The Lyons Inquiry has now closed. Please direct your queries to Communities and Local Government or HM Treasury.
Communities and Local Government general enquiries helpline: 020 7944 4400
HM Treasury Correspondence and Enquiry Unit: 020 7270 4558
Further contact details are available on their respective websites

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