Lyons Inquiry into Local Government
Final Report Briefing Note
What was the Lyons Inquiry set up to do?
How has Sir Michael approached his remit?
What are his overall conclusions?
Developmental approach: Short-term reforms
Some of these can be implemented immediately.
Developmental approach: Medium-term reforms (which could be implemented in the next Parliament)
Developmental approach: Longer-term options
These recommendations are taken from a wide range of recommendations for both local and central government and the wider local government family including political parties, which are summarised on page 361 of the main report.
What does central government need to do?
What does local government need to do?
What recommendations are made for services?
What does this mean for economic development?
Sub-regional governance
Does this mean doubling council tax for 1 million homes?
Is this really about raising more money from council tax?
Does revaluation mean intrusive inspections of homes?
Is England going to follow Northern Ireland in implementing a tax based on individual property values?
Are you recommending new powers for councils to charge for waste?
What is the proposal on business rates?
What is the proposal for tourist taxes?