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Lyons Inquiry engages public
Lyons Inquiry Press Notice: 21 July 2006
The Lyons Inquiry will be holding a series of public engagement events in collaboration with local authorities in each region. These events will provide Sir Michael with an opportunity to receive views from a variety of local people to form part of his Independent Inquiry into Local Government.
These public engagement events are intended to allow people to consider - in depth - issues about local government, and are designed to take into account different views and perspectives. The events are therefore small, focussed sessions with the participants chosen to be representative of the population of each local area. In selecting the groups we have worked closely with our researchers and partner local authorities, including through local arrangements for engaging the panel such as Citizens Panels.
The events are aimed for the public to express their views on issues like
Sir Michael said:
"I am particularly keen to receive the views of a wide range of people to make sure that my recommendations will work and take into account what people think. The Inquiry is holding nine of these events across the country to give people the opportunity to have their say.
"They will enable me to look at the issues of place shaping at a local level and will feed into my continuing thinking on the role of local government."
The events will be held on the following dates:
Notes for Editors
  1. Sir Michael Lyons was originally commissioned in July 2004 by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chancellor to make recommendations on how to reform the local government funding system by December 2005. On 20 September 2005 the remit of the Inquiry was extended to enable Sir Michael to consider issues of function before finalising his conclusions on funding.
  2. On 15 December 2005 Sir Michael issued a consultation paper and interim report. A further paper was published on 8th May 2006 entitled "National Prosperity, local choice and civic engagement" with the Inquiry concluding with a final report to Ministers in late 2006.
  3. Copies of the reports, submissions, research commissioned, and the terms of reference for the Inquiry, can be found on the Lyons Inquiry website.
  4. For media interested in these events please contact Marcus Chrysostomou on 020 7261 8356.