Lyons Inquiry into Local Government
Lyons Inquiry:
Lyons seeks views on maximising local government's contribution to future economic prosperity
Lyons Inquiry Press Notice: 11 December 2006
Today, Sir Michael published his discussion document seeking views on the implications for local government of the Eddington report on transport, the Barker report on planning and the Leitch review on skills.
The document provides the opportunity for those across the public, private and voluntary sectors, and members of the public, to inform Sir Michael's latest thinking as he considers how the conclusions from these three high profile reviews can enable local government to make the most effective and powerful contribution to future economic prosperity.
Responses to this document will inform a series of expert round-table discussions to be hosted by Sir Michael in the New Year ahead of him finalising his recommendations for publication in his final report around the time of the budget.
Sir Michael said:
"Promoting economic prosperity is one of the central themes in my Inquiry, and the role of transport, planning and skills are key to this debate. Taken together Eddington, Barker and Leitch provide a wealth of thinking and recommendations on promoting economic prosperity at a sub-national level. I am eager to hear the views of all those with an interest in these issues on how the recommendations can best be implemented to maximise local government's contribution to economic prosperity."
Notes for Editors
  1. Sir Michael Lyons was commissioned in July 2004 by the Deputy Prime Minister and the Chancellor to make recommendations on how to reform the local government funding system by December 2005.
  2. On 20 September 2005 the remit of the Inquiry was extended to enable Sir Michael to consider issues of function before finalising his conclusions on funding.
  3. On 15 December 2005 Sir Michael issued a consultation paper and interim report. A further paper was published on 8th May 2006 entitled "National Prosperity, local choice and civic engagement".
  4. On 6 December 2006 the Chancellor announced a short extension to Sir Michael's Inquiry for him to consider the implications of the Eddington, Barker and Leitch Reviews before finalising his report.
  5. The discussion document published today requests views by 19 January to ensure all responses can be taken into account of ahead of Sir Michael finalising his final report for publication around the time of Budget 2007.
  6. Lyons Inquiry discussion document (Adobe Acrobat file 315kb)
  7. Copies of reports, submissions, research commissioned, and the terms of reference for the Inquiry, can be found on the Lyons Inquiry website.