Lyons Inquiry into Local Government
Place-shaping: a shared ambition for the future of local government
Lyons Inquiry Interim Report and Consultation Paper:
Questions asked in the report
The strategic role of local government
Question 1. What is the strategic role of local government? Is my description sufficient, or are there more elements you would add?
Question 2. What tools do councils need to perform the strategic role more effectively?
Question 3. How important is the fact that local government is elected in relation to its ability and legitimacy to perform this role?
Devolution and decentralisation
Question 4. Which services (or parts of services) should meet national standards in all areas of the country? Which should meet minimum standards? Which should be entirely down to local choice?
Question 5. How has the Government's approach to devolution and decentralisation affected your area and your local services?
Managing pressures on local services
Question 6. How can pressures on local services be managed more effectively?
Scope for a new agreement
Question 7. How could responsibility for local services be made clearer between local government, central government and other agencies?