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Place-shaping: a shared ambition for the future of local government
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Presentation - LGA, 12 Dec 05 (Adobe Acrobat file 97kb)
Presentation - NLGN, 18 Jan 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 94kb)
Presentation - Euromoney, 31 Jan 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 108kb)
Presentation - LGA, 28 Feb 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 142kb)
Presentation - CIPFA, 14 Jun 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 117kb)
Presentation - CIH, 21 Jun 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 100kb)
Seminar - Waste, 11 Jul 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 722kb)
Seminar - Social care, 12 Sep 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 1.4Mb)
National conference - Lyons, 14 Sep 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 62kb)
National conference - Kerslake, 14 Sep 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 647kb)
National conference - Parkinson, 14 Sep 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 1.9Mb)
National conference - all presentations, 14 Sep 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 2.6Mb)
Seminar - Health and wellbeing, 21 Sep 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 535kb)
Seminar - Driving efficiency, 19 Oct 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 197kb)
Seminar - Community safety, 30 Oct 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 598kb)
Seminar - Children's services, 9 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 326kb)
Public engagement - Lyons, 20 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 50kb)
Public engagement - Page, 20 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 283kb)
Public engagement - Cummins, 20 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 1.01Mb)
Public engagement - Coen, 20 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 264kb)
Public engagement - Bartley, 20 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 346kb)
Seminar - Housing, 21 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 351kb)
Final report launch - Sir Michael Lyons's presentation, 21 Mar 07 (Adobe Acrobat file 81kb)
Final report conference - Sir Michael's presentation at the conference, 27 Mar 07
Final report conference - Sir Simon Milton's remarks, 27 Mar 07
Final report conference - Professor Tony Travers' presentation, 27 Mar 07
Final report conference - Ben Page's presentation, 27 Mar 07
Final report conference - Steve Freer's presentation, 27 Mar 07
Final report conference - David Walker's remarks, 27 Mar 07
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Lyons Inquiry discussion document - 11 Dec 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 315kb)
National Conference - economic prosperity: the local contribution
Letter to local authority Chief Executives - 20 Jan 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 149kb)
Presentation of possible questions for use by local authority public debate engagement activities - 16 Feb 06 (Microsoft PowerPoint file 98 kb).
Index of stakeholder letters
Stakeholder letter - 20 Sept 05 (Adobe Acrobat file 138kb)
Stakeholder letter - 15 Dec 05 (Adobe Acrobat file 92kb)
Stakeholder letter - 8 May 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 88kb)
Stakeholder letter - 1 Aug 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 191kb)
Stakeholder letter - 6 Dec 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 134kb)
Stakeholder letter - 21 Mar 07 (Adobe Acrobat file 95kb)
Consultation reports
National Conference - 14 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 580kb)
Business Round-Table Events - 14 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 256kb)
Councillor Engagement Events - 14 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 220kb) Public deliberation events - executive summary, 20 Nov 06
Public deliberation events - full report, 20 Nov 06 (Adobe Acrobat file 702kb)
Submissions received
List submissions received by the Lyons Inquiry during 2004 and 2005
List responses to "Lyons Inquiry into Local Government: Interim Report and Consultation Paper" (published December 2005)
List responses to "National prosperity, local choice and civic engagement: a new partnership between central and local government for the 21st century" (published May 2006)
List responses to the "Lyons Inquiry Discussion Document" on Barker, Eddington and Leitch (published December 2006)
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Introduction page
Place-shaping: a shared ambition for the future of local government
Place-shaping: a shared ambition for the future of local government full report, excluding annexes (Adobe Acrobat file, 5,422 kb)
Executive Summary (Adobe Acrobat file, 2,836 kb) Chapter 1 - Local government: a continuing debate (Adobe Acrobat file, 696 kb)
Chapter 2 - Local government in the 21st century: what is it for? (Adobe Acrobat file, 224 kb)
Chapter 3 - What is limiting modern local government? (Adobe Acrobat file, 275 kb)
Chapter 4 - Central government's contribution to reform (Adobe Acrobat file, 408 kb)
Chapter 5 - Local government's contribution to reform (Adobe Acrobat file, 280 kb)
Chapter 6 - Funding reform: an introduction (Adobe Acrobat file, 163 kb)
Chapter 7 - Household taxation and local charges (Adobe Acrobat file, 419 kb)
Chapter 8 - Business taxation (Adobe Acrobat file, 279 kb)
Chapter 9 - The funding system and incentives (Adobe Acrobat file, 266 kb)
Chapter 10 - A developmental approach (Adobe Acrobat file, 163 kb)
Summary of recommendations (Adobe Acrobat file, 126 kb)
Terms of reference and acknowledgements (Adobe Acrobat file, 171 kb)
Implications for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (Adobe Acrobat file, 94 kb)
Glossary (Adobe Acrobat file, 101 kb)
Annex A - Understanding the current grant distribution system (Adobe Acrobat file, 121 kb)
Annex B - Introduction to the modelling used in the report (Adobe Acrobat file, 108 kb)
Annex C - Background to support Chapter 7 (Adobe Acrobat file, 342 kb)
Annex D - Background to support Chapter 8 (Adobe Acrobat file, 136 kb)
Annex E - Background to support Chapter 9 (Adobe Acrobat file, 148 kb)
Annex F - Summary of submissions (Adobe Acrobat file, 167 kb)
Annex G - Stakeholder views on Barker, Eddington and Leitch (Adobe Acrobat file, 133 kb)
Annex H - Research and stakeholder engagement (Adobe Acrobat file, 156 kb)
Supplementary tables and charts (Adobe Acrobat file, 119 kb)
Report highlights
National prosperity, local choice and civic engagement
Complete document (Adobe Acrobat file 2.74mb)
Preface (Adobe Acrobat file 862kb)
Executive summary
Executive summary (Adobe Acrobat file 102kb)
Chapter 1 - the context for change (Adobe Acrobat file 120kb)
Chapter 2 - the benefit of local choice in delivering public services (Adobe Acrobat file 192kb)
Chapter 3 - place-shaping: what do we want local government to do? (Adobe Acrobat file 204kb)
Chapter 4 - what needs to change? (Adobe Acrobat file 199kb)
Annex A - on-going programme of work (Adobe Acrobat file 74kb)
Annex B - respondents to the Inquiry (Adobe Acrobat file 140kb)
Interim Report and Consultation Document
Complete document (Adobe Acrobat file 1,018kb)
Executive summary
Executive summary (Adobe Acrobat file 77kb)
Summary (Adobe Acrobat file 183kb)
Part 1 - local government role and function (Adobe Acrobat file 610kb)
Part 2 - local government funding (Adobe Acrobat file 382kb)
Annex A - emerging findings from statistical modelling (Adobe Acrobat file 325kb)
Annex B - modelling (Adobe Acrobat file 177kb)
Annex C - stakeholder views (Adobe Acrobat file 782kb)
Annex D - Lyons Inquiry research and related work (Adobe Acrobat file 284kb)
Consultation questions - a complete list of the questions raised in the Interim Report
Research reports
International Comparisons of Local Government Finance - Tony Travers (Adobe Acrobat file 300kb)
Qualitative Research on Public Attitudes to Taxation and Public Services - GfK NOP (Adobe Acrobat file 1,015kb)
Quantitative Research - BMG Research (Adobe Acrobat file 553kb)
Options for Reforming Local Government Funding - NERA Literature Review (Adobe Acrobat file 579kb)
Options for Reforming Local Government Funding: International Comparisons - Cardiff University (Adobe Acrobat file 1.6Mb)
Perspectives on place-shaping and service delivery - various researchers (Adobe Acrobat file, x kb)
Lyons Inquiry survey 2007 - BMG Research (Adobe Acrobat file, x kb)
Devolution Seminar - June 2005
Report on a Devolution Seminar held for the Lyons Inquiry - Gerry Stoker (Adobe Acrobat file 199kb)
The Implications of Local Devolution for Efficiency and Effectiveness in Service Delivery - Steve Mar (Adobe Acrobat file 310kb)
The Case for Local Devolution Community Cohesion - Vivien Lowndes (Adobe Acrobat file 187kb)
Local and National Competitiveness: Is Decentralisation Good for the Economy - Ivan Turok (Adobe Acrobat file 249kb)
Policy Making and Joined Up Government - Martin Smith (Adobe Acrobat file 216kb)
Devolution for Local Government Individual Choice Services and Personal Responsibility - Perri 6 (Adobe Acrobat file 206kb)
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